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APA Style Guide

Authors – APA Reference List

One author

Last name first, followed by author initials.
  • Hime, J. R.

Two authors

List by their last names and initials, use the ampersand (&) instead of and.
  • Claman, H., & James, R.

Three to seven authors

List by last names and initials, commas separate author names, while the last author name is preceded by an ampersand(&).
  • Hoeglan, D., Harnand, A., Chen, C. Q., Davidson, F., & Mosher-Straub, J.

More than seven authors

When there are more than seven authors, include the first six authors' names followed by an ellipsis (. . .) and then the final author's name.

  • Isaac, A., Brown, B., Finkel, R. P., Frankenburg, S., Cole, A., Lalonde, M. A., . . . Heinz, V.

Group Authors

Put name of organization at beginning of citation
  • American Psychological Association

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