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Television – APA Reference List

Television series

  • Cite the producer at the beginning of the citation. [Television series] follows the program name.


Director, D. D. (Director). (Year produced). Television program [Television series]. City, State: Network.


  • Bellisario, D. L. (Producer). (1992). Exciting action show [Television series]. Hollywood: American Broadcasting Company.
  • Wendy, S. W. (Producer), & Martian, I. R. (Director). (1986). Creatures and monsters [Television series]. Los Angeles, CA: Belarus Studios.

Television series episode

  • Cite the writer and director at the beginning of the citation and the producer after the episode title but before the Program title.
  • [Television series episode] follows the episode title.


Writer, W. W. (Writer), & Director, B. B. (Director). (Date broadcast). Episode title. [Television series episode] In P. P. Producer (Producer), Program title. City: Network.


  • Heffner, C. (Director). (1993, April 6). Frederick Douglas. [Television series episode] In B. Jerome (Producer), Civil War Journal. Arts and Entertainment Network.
  • Palfreman, J. (Director). (2010). The vaccine war. [Television series episode] In M. R. Sullivan (Producer), Frontline. Boston, MA: Central Broadcasting Service.

Television broadcast

  • Cite the producer at the beginning of the citation.
  • [Television broadcast] follows the title of the broadcast.


Producer, P. P. (Producer), & Director, D. D. (Director). (Date broadcast). Title of broadcast [Television broadcast]. City, State: Network.


  • Important, I. M. (Producer) (1990, November 1). The nightly news hour [Television broadcast]. New York, NY: Canadian Broadcasting Service.

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