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APA Style Guide

Color Guide for Format
Blue textReplace with information from source
Purple bold textText required by the APA style
[Gray text in brackets]Tips

Web Image – APA Reference List

General Tips

  • Capitalization: The Image title is in sentence case
  • Untitled Image: Write a description, do not italicize and do place in square brackets.
  • For titled works of art, title of image is in italics. For other web images, title is not in italics.
  • Place type of work in brackets: Photograph, Painting, Graph, Table or Map.

General Tips

Format (work of art):

Artist, A. A. (Year created). Image title or description [Type of work]. Retrieved from

Format (not a work of art):

Photographer, P. P. [OR] Author. (Date published). Image title [Description or type of work]. Retrieved from


  • Rousseau, H. (1896). The ship in the storm [Photograph]. Retrieved from
  • [Untitled photograph of a baby chimpanzee]. (2006). Retrieved from
  • United State Census Bureau (2012). County business and demographics map [Demographic map]. Retrieved from

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